Yara IV is an elegant beauty. She is twenty-seven pounds. Excellent structure, soft with feminine masculinity. Well proportioned throughout reflecting her heritage World Champion bloodline. Poised with a royal personality.

Yara IV has a sweet temperament. She is very confident and sweet. She is independent and friendly. Graceful beauty with intelligence. She has a confident beauty queen personality. 
She has beautiful dark golden yellow coat. Unique black chest. A big square head and beautiful masked face with a flat muzzle. Perfect little rope over the nose and perfectly proportioned ears. She has beautiful light brown eyes. 

She likes to talk softly and she has one clear stern bark when she wants your attention. When she gets in her playful streak she likes to do zoomies. One of her favorite summertime snacks is watermelon. She likes to go for walks and doesn’t mind a harness and leash. She has no genetic diseases. Breathes beautifully, no restrictions.

Yara IV when she was just 12 weeks old.

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