french bulldog

Aristocratescu Xavier

Xavier is a magnificent white and black French Bulldog. He has a medium size build, twenty-three pounds. Excellent structure, strong, lean and masculine. Well proportioned throughout reflecting his heritage World Champion bloodline. 

french bulldog

Xavier has excellent temperament. He is brave, observant and confident. He’s content in his own space and has really nice manners respecting your personal space while sharing company. Friendly and easy going he has a heartwarming personality.

He has an amazingly thick coat. When I bathe him, he’s like a wet stuffed animal. White cowboy collar, chest and underside with white boots on all four feet. The line pattern on his coat from black to white is magnificent. His white has some black spotting and his rich brindle coat is covered with black with yellow shaded markings faintly throughout. A big square head and beautiful black face with a flat muzzle. Perfect little rope over the nose and perfectly proportioned ears. He has beautiful dark brown eyes. 

French bulldog sire watching over pups

Xavier is very chill most of the time. When he gets his playful streak he likes to run really fast and he’s a big jumper easily clearing three feet high. He likes to go for walks and doesn’t mind a leash. He has no genetic diseases. Breathes beautifully, with no restrictions. Has great stamina.

Follow the link below to see Xavier’s world champion pedigree.

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