French Bulldog Puppy


He is masculine with elegant World Champion Bloodline style. He has a small build with beautiful structure. Beautiful muzzle, perfect shape and size with wide open nares. One large rope across the nose.

Royal is confident. He is very active and speaks up. He is gentle and loves to cuddle. He has a desirable playful and loving temperament. He enjoys sitting for the camera, he’s a little hambone.

Royal has a standard brindle coat with a beautiful white marking on his chest. Nice flat face and pretty eyes and the perfect amount of folds and hanging jowls. He has a nice bite. He has beautiful structure similar to his father who comes from a World Champion Bloodline.

Royal is confident in his walk and brave with new people. Royal waits patiently for his food. He likes to run, wrestle and play tug of war. He has wide open nares and is very active. Breathes beautifully, no restrictions.

Royal carries several colors in his DNA, including fawn and pied. Shows a rich black velvet coat with yellow shaded markings.  

Rosie’s Frenchies are bred for excellent health, temperament and intelligence. All of our puppies are very active, socialized and free from breathing problems.

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Early on in life…

He was the smallest of the litter, always about a pound lighter than the rest. So content being cuddled like a baby.