Remy is a very pretty Red Fawn, cryptic Merle French Bulldog. She has a beautiful thick red coat. A medium sized white marking on her chest sort of resembling a dagger or a diamond shape. A beautiful square head and her muzzle has a tiny bit of length to it. A perfect little rope over the nose and perfectly proportioned ears. Her beautiful golden brown eyes are framed with black. She has a full size build, about twenty five pounds. Excellent structure, strong, lean and muscular. Well proportioned throughout with a feminine structure. Stamina is amazing, she has no limits. She is super sweet, confident and loving. She enjoys being pet and cuddled.

She is a great mama. All of her motherly instincts kick in and she takes great care of her puppies. When she’s not being a mom she enjoys running with the pack. Going for long hikes, cuddling and chewing her bone.

She is a really good mama to her pups and we love her. We love these little Frenchies. Personalities that are filled with variety, confident, loving, playful, stubborn, funny, cute, wild and totally endearing. We want to share the fun loving experience with you.

Remy just a couple weeks after her puppies were born.

Remy’s first puppies with Rosie’s Frenchies.