Primo VII

Primo is very masculine French Bulldog. He has a large build, twenty-seven pounds. Strong, lean and masculine. Well proportioned throughout with nice structure. His tail is a little on the long side but he makes up for it with his adorable persoanlity. 

Primo has excellent temperament. His happy go lucky personality keeps it light. Primo is confident and gets along well with others. 

Primo is a white ticked Merle. He has a thick cream coat with a few white markings. He is lightly masked and has blue freckles on his cheeks and some spotting on the ears as well. A big square head and with a flat muzzle. Large ropes under the eyes and perfectly proportioned ears. He has a really big smile which reflects his personality. He has handsome light brown eyes. 

Primo is very chill. He likes to go on trips to the beach and forest and doesn’t mind a harness and leash. This guy even swims. Breathes beautifully, no restrictions.

We rescued Primo VII from a shelter in June of 2023. We love these little Frenchies. Personalities that are filled with variety, confident, loving, playful, stubborn, funny, cute, wild and totally endearing. We want to share the fun loving experience with you.