Bathing & Grooming Services

At Rosie’s Frenchies, we don’t just groom French Bulldogs, we breed and care for them. So our experts know exactly what your Frenchie needs. We ensure a luxurious and soothing cleanse for your little companion, followed by a warm and loving pampering. As proud Frenchie breeders, we take pride in the love our customers shower upon us. Discover the unparalleled joy of pet care at Rosie‚Äôs Frenchies. Book a bathing session today and watch your loving companion strut away with newfound confidence and cleanliness.

Bathing – Available Now!

Our bath includes a warm bath with cleansing shampoo, a blow-dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, all natural coat & paw balm. Starting at $72

Add Ons

Nail Buffing $12

Teeth Brushing $12

De-Shed $20-$30

Anal Glands $30

New Pup Training Fee $20

Medicated Shampoo $20

Flea Treatment $20

-additional $50 if your dog has fleas

Nail Painting $65

Bow $20

Costume – special order

Travel Fee – depending on destination