Ghost is a handsome French Bulldog. He is has a great build with perfect structure. His sweet face reflects both of his parents’ great looks from their World Champion bloodline.

Ghost is brave with a kind temperament. He’s is playful, easygoing with a very gentle patient attitude. He’s an absolute wonderful puppy to have around, good company and loving, and very good looking.

He has a standard brindle coat mostly black with a little bit of yellow shading showing on the body.  Handsome flat muzzle with wrinkles on each side and one nice rope over the nose. He has deep brown eyes and a perfect bite. With lots of wrinkles he’s a bundle of cuddles. 

His color coat analysis shows several colors in his DNA; Black, Piebald, Fawn. This male is of breeding and show quality. Our dogs are free from genetic diseases, healthy and active with no breathing problems.


Rosie’s Frenchies are bred for excellent health, temperament and intelligence. Puppies are socialized with babies, seniors, other breeds of canine large and small. A warranty against all serious life-altering genetic disease is provided until dog is one year of age. 


DNA Color Coat Analysis 

AKC Registered Litter

Letter of clearance from genetic diseases

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please contact me directly at 415-967-8894.

Early on in life…

A handsome bundle of cuddles. Started life biggest of the litter. Very observant sitting back and watching like a Chief. He still does that signature watch and observe position.