Dede is a little sweetie. She is a medium build, very feminine Frenchie. Beautiful structure, she is reflects the elegance of both parents World Champion bloodline. 

With an excellent temperament she is very confident, gentle and curious. She loves attention, has patience and is very interactive. She likes to speak up and share her excitement. She’s playful, likes to tease and hop around.

She has a nice black coat with yellow shaded markings a beautiful white diamond marking on her chest. Nice flat muzzle, with the perfect amount of folds and hanging jowls. She has beautiful brown eyes and a nice bite.

Her color coat analysis shows several colors in her DNA; Black, Piebald, Fawn. She is breeding and show quality. Our dogs are free from genetic diseases, healthy and active with no breathing restrictions. 

Rosie’s Frenchies are bred for excellent health, temperament and intelligence. Puppies are socialized with babies, seniors, other breeds of canine large and small. A warranty against all serious life-altering genetic disease is provided until dog is one year of age. 

Vaccinated appropriate for their age.

De-wormed regularly

DNA Color Coat Analysis 

AKC Litter Certificate

Letter of clearance from genetic diseases

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please contact me directly at 415-967-8894.

Early on in life…

She was adorably elegant from the beginning. Soft and cuddly and a lot of wrinkles all over.